Aegean and Mediterranean at the confluence of the peninsula is installed on the Datca, for hundreds of years in blends with your natural beauty, people's fascination winning residential birimidir.dönem the most important port city which is one of Knidos, the historical and cultural richness based on the Datca living on the Anatolian civilizations one of the essential . Dorians, Persians, Athenians, Romans, Germaine, and finally the Ottoman Empire have contributed to the historical background of this beautiful county. Datca, Anatolia, south-west of Gokova and Hisaronu gulf between the beautiful coves and beaches, sparkling clear sea, long history, unspoiled nature, rich flora and fauna, oxygen-rich, low humidity, 300 days a year of sunshine, warm The climate of the Mediterranean and Aegean invention is a paradise. In history, the people of the Datça Peninsula, the weather today as there are rumors that improve cardiac, circulatory, nervous and rheumatic Datca is preferred by patients. Datça 70-km extended and corrected through the land in Marmaris, through blue and green which is fused, the Aegean and the Mediterranean's most beautiful bays watching the bride can be in the basement or in Greece Rhodes and Symi Island departing from the ferry and hydrofoil with the pleasant sea can be reached by cruises. If you drop the old Datça Datça way to do that görmelisiniz.ad look of the Old Datca. Datça's three quarter from the most regular and final year of the attractions are located a place where burası.eskilig the first settlement and demolished old buildings intensity olması.şi Now he ruins the individual foot is removed, and unaffordable money for sale at sunuluyor. more two-storey old Datça stonework houses an art form and a visual richness to the narrow streets adorned with bougainvillea kazandırmıştır.c Yücel Yücel's works are exhibited and to visit family must also be kept open, you should see the Canevi.Attached to the center of Datca nine villages with a total population of 15,000 domestic and foreign tourists during the months with the arrival of dolayındadır.yaz 100,000 s reach. Peninsula is rich in history as it is quite fascinating in terms of nature. In our country first almond blossoms on the Datça Peninsula staffed and still our country first ages in February Datça.